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Taxi Velika Gorica

We are members of the Taxi Association of Velika Gorica. Taxi Association of Velika Gorica is a professional business organization of artisans and entrepreneurs who are engaged in taxi transport within urban public transport scene in the City of Velika Gorica and in the area of Zagreb International Airport. It promotes, coordinates and represents the common interests of the affiliated members.

The Association is affiliated to the Zagreb County Chamber of Commerce. We are sinonym for speed, comfort and safety and our vehicles will reach your address within a few minutes. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and speed that allow us to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which puts us among the best taxi services in Europe.

We have taxi license for Velika Gorica County and for Zagreb Airport. Our services can be also found at three taxi stands in the town of Velika Gorica and the taxi stand at the Zagreb airport. Taxi vehicles are allowed to entry the pedestrian zone and ride within yellow ribbons.